Grant projects

  • The project GAČR ID 17-25710S “Basic research of balance changes in seniors” (2017-2019)
  • Creation and a pilot test training system in general and professional competencies of volunteers at public events (2.7. 2012 - 30.10. 2013) 
  • Innovation of the Sports and Conditioning Specialist  syllabus (1.3. 2011 - 31.3. 2013)
  • Innovation of the Sports and Leisure-time Educator  syllabus (1.3. 2012 - 28.2. 2014)
  • Project of  training education of tourism staff in wellness 
  • Project for development of further education for teachers in the field of leisure activities 
  • Lifelong learning for employees of the Prison Service in CR.
  • Research Project - Evaluation of public use of school sports facilities, which were in the years 2001-2011 financed from the budget of  Prague City Hall.
  • The project of education of employees in tourism in the area of wellness (2006 - 2008)
  • The project of the development of further education for pedagogical employees in the field of free time activities (2006 - 2008)

The 16th European Fair Play Congress, Fair Play Education at School: Shared Responsibility, Prague 28–29 October 2010, V. Hošek, M. Šauerová, M. Frabša: Fair Play in training and clients sport situations.


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