The work on the project of the academic bachelor study programme started in 2000 and in 2003 it was submitted for the approval to the accreditation committee. This project received the accreditation and approbation for the regular (present) form of the study programme “Physical education and sport” which consists of two fields of study “Sport and fitness specialist” and “Sport and leisure time tutor” in 2003 under the identification number Č.j. 33103/2003-30 issued on 19th December 2003. The tuition was launched on 4th September 2004.

The history of the current educational facility “Palestra” dates back to 1990, when an educational centre was established to provide retraining courses of physical education and sport. Based on the gained experience and the increasing demand for study programmes in this area, a project for an one-year and later on a two-year post-graduation study programme was prepared and submitted for the approval. This project received the accreditation on 30th June 1992 and the tuition was launched. On 1st September 1992 in a one-year study programme and on 1st September 1993 in a two-year study programme. In 1995 we submitted the project of the College for approval. This college was the only one focusing on sport amongst the newly established private colleges. Following the accreditation on 1st January 1996 The Academy of Physical Education and Sport PALESTRA, college ltd providing the field of study “Manager of sport” was included into the educational network of schools. The tuition was launched on 1st September 1996.

On 1st September 1999 tuition in the four-year irregular (distant) study programme was also launched. The expansion of the offer on the fields of study was carried out in 2000, when the field “Pedagogy of leisure time” for regular (present) and irregular (distant) study was approved. The tuition was launched on 1st September 2001.
All throughout its existence, as an integral part of lifelong training programme Palestra has organised training and re-training courses accredited by the Ministry of Education. The total number continues to increase in accordance with the demands of labour market. At present we provide 18 accredited courses and 8 seminars.
In accordance with its principal focus Palestra cooperates with numerous institutions on the management of sport events of greater importance e.g. “Jizerská padesátka” or “Prague International Marathon”. The college aims to keep and develop this tradition, so that it would correspond with the modern demands placed on university education.

Bachelor's  degree programs
The College of Physical Education and Sport PALESTRA, L.t.d. is a private, recently accredited, non-university college, which enriches the offer of educational opportunities to achieve a bachelor degree with a focus on the area of physical education, sport and leisure time management.  It follows up  the tradition and experience gained in the period of the nine-year existence of College with a similar specialization. The curriculum is comparable with the university education systems abroad. It is implemented in a credit form, which is compatible with European credit transfer system. It covers the following fields of study: Sport and fitness specialist, Sport and leisure time management educationist, which are carried out in the form of three year bachelor study programme. The tuition in the first two semesters is unified and integral for both fields.
The aim and focus of specialisation modules enable students, based on their interest, to specialise in the two key fields of study “Sport and fitness specialist” and “Sport and leisure time management educationist”.

With regard to the future career of the graduates, the substantial stress is put on the interaction of theoretical side of specific subjects with the practice. For this reason these modules comprise a more extensive volume of practical tuition and practice. The subjects are split into three basic categories: compulsory, obligatory selectable and elective subjects, out of which the student is entitled to select on the basis of the interest and professional specialisation. The results of subjects are classified by credit, classified credit, exam, consolidated exam. The study load is evaluated by a particular number of credits. The current form of evaluation, including credits, is available in the curriculum and thematic plan of the subjects.

The graduates become specialists in a varied range of leisure time activities, organisers and managers of physical education and sport. The sport and fitness specialists have the possibility to make a career in sports and training clubs, sport associations, centres of regeneration, fitness centres, in travel trade, as well as specialist advisors in the field of health prevention, hygiene and injury prevention in a wide range of institutions focusing on sport activity. The graduates of the field Sport and leisure time management educationist become specialists in children clubs, clubs for young tourists and technicians, in after school centres, school clubs, cultural and educational institutions for adults, in summer children camps and in recreational facilities for adults, in nursery schools, charity organisations, social welfare facilities, humanitarian centres and refugee camps, social organisations and in travel trade and spa facilities, as well as consultants involved in free time, culture and physical education on the level of  public municipal and state sector.

Conditions of admittance to the college are following:

  • the graduation exam
  • oral interview about the selected field
  • in the process of the entrance examination practical experience in sport and pedagogy will be considered
  • the applicants are requested to present medical document recording their health condition and the affirmation that they are not and have not been prosecuted for any immoral offence

The study programme is concluded by state bachelor exam. Students are enabled to enrol for this exam, having achieved at lest 190 credits. 15 credits for the defence of bachelor´s work are included in the total amount. The detailed conditions of study are available in “Study and exam codex“.


Master's degree program

Characteristics of the study program "Wellness specialist"
A brand new study program responds to the rapid development in wellness industry in the country as in the world and thus increasing labour market demands for skilled professionals in this area.

The aim of the Master's program “Wellness Specialist“ is to prepare professionals  able to manage the basic specialized issues of rapidly developing field that is the care of people, especially about  personal well-being, as an important component of health, fitness and lifestyle . At the same time, students acquire basic professional skills that will enable them to succeed in newly emerged facilities that provide not only traditional physical activity and as well variety of new forms of care of the body, mind and a healthy lifestyle.

Students will build their knowledge on basics of pedagogical- psychological, biomedical, management – economics acquired in the Bachelor's program.

The curriculum is made of modules of compulsory, compulsory elective and optional subjects. Determining the target competencies of graduates we respect the recommendations of national descriptors of the National Qualifications Framework for tertiary education including the professional knowledge and skills, general capability such as judgment forming, communication abilities and follow up learning. 


Master's degree program "Wellness Specialist" subjects

Graduate’s profile, study program and goals

Graduates are able to:

  • critically evaluate positive and possibly negative consequences and impact of particular wellness program for individuals and group of clients;
  • generally be informed in philosophical questions and ethics, wellness , biological , psychological and sociological aspects of wellness issues and use this knowledge in the profession ;
  • be aware of world trends in wellness  able to analyse  and evaluate and possibly apply in terms of designated wellness centres;
  • to process research focused on selected actual topics of wellness and its data interpretation ;
  • to process wellness programs as basis for grant applications ;
  • respect professional and ethical standards in the implementation of wellness activities ;
  • analyse and evaluate the quality of a wellness program in terms of all-inclusive client care, recruited from  diverse population spectrum , including the particular needs.
  • prepare, coordinate, implement , monitor and evaluate the progress of projects and campaigns aimed to promote the improvement of wellness activities ;
  • based on theoretical knowledge acquired during the studies to suggest appropriate wellness programs for clients with regard to their age, physical fitness or health, watching their limits or handicaps ;
  • ensure organization and personnel for the wellness programs realization, including  own participation;
  • assess the potential of a site for realization of specifically targeted wellness programs;
  • in processing of specific wellness programs to respect the principles arising from intercultural education;
  • wellness programs design specifically focused on outdoor activities with respect to principles of environmentalism .

Graduates will acquire the qualification for the profession “Wellness Specialist“,  due to intensity and study program focus will be properly prepared for concept - comprehensive care for different groups of clients as well  for the  management job in wellness centres.


Graduates with a master's degree qualification “Wellness Specialist“ will find employment in  wellness centres, wellness centres within  hotels, Balneo therapy and spa facilities. More job opportunities will find in institutions with a wellness service focus as in tourism (travel agencies, professional associations, etc.).