Professional Profile – Richard Neuwirth

  • Ing. Richard Neuwirth, Ph.D.

Contact Info:

  • Department of Economics and Management
  • College pedagogue


He is a graduate of the Faculty of Trade, VŠE in Prague, field economics of internal trade. He acquired a Ph.D. degree at the same school at the Faculty of International Relations in the field of international economic relations in 2012. His PhD thesis topic was the Demand for Wellness Services in CR and Abroad.

After finishing his engineering degree, he worked as a master in the field of industry cartonage. Here he partook on the development of a new product for Supraphon as a leading organizer. He also worked as a leading house manager, rental division. He was employed for a short time as an accountant in a manufacturing company and a head of maintenance in healthcare. He was employed in the field of accountancy for private subjects after 1989.

He entered the field of education in 1994 and he worked as a teacher of economic subjects on the high school Service Management. He has been teaching at tertiary technical school Palestra as a teacher of economic subjects since 1999.

He has been teaching on College Palestra since 2004. His main fields are the basics of micro- and macro-economy and enterprise economics. After the master’s study opening, he is engaged in the field of management of wellness services, where he assembled an education programme of the same name.