Professional profile – Roman Čedík

  • Mgr. Roman ČedíkKatedra sportů a pobytu v přírodě
  • Trenérská škola

Contact Info:

  • College pedagogue, trainer

Professional profile

Graduate of College Palestra, field of study Sport and Fitness Specialist and Wellness Specialist.

Currently a pedagogue at AMU (department: Sports, Rehabilitation and Movement Centre), College Palestra (department: Department of Sports and Nature Stays).

He profiles himself primarily in the field of martial arts, where he acts as a trainer of represantation teams MMA:  Renegade Prague Gym and BJJ: Jungle BJJ, trainer of Street Self Defence and in the field of nature stays, where he teaches outdoor sport activities.

His hobbies are, excluding sport and education in nature, are gamekeeping, ski mountaineering, tourism, climbing, cyclo-tourism, offroad motorcycles, shooting and tactical shooting, Survival in nature, boating tourism.