Profile – Dušan Kučera

  • Mgr. Dušan Kučera, PhD, MBA

Dr. Dušan Kučera comes from Moravia, where he graduated from the field operating  electrician. Nonetheless, after a professional maturita he had the option to study philosophy and theology at the Charles University in Prague, in Germany and in USA. He worked for some years as a cleric, only to later enter managerial positions in international companies. Initially as a director in the IBS expert institute.

He has been a manager in ŠKODA Auto for ten years, spent a few years as a director in a non-profit organization PasserinvestGroup and finally transited into the academic sphere as a lecturer of executive education at UEL in Ostrava. He completed an international MBA programme in cooperation with the VW group. He finished his doctoral PhD programme on 2015 at the Faculty of Business and Administration, VŠE in Prague. Today, he gives lectures there on the subject of the personality of a manager, leader, managerial responsibility and entrepreneurial ethics in international master programmes and an MBA programme. Alongside this he also leads managerial seminars in selected societies at home or in foreign countries on the topic Spirituality of Management.