Profile – Markéta Vochoska Haindlová

  • Mgr. Markéta Vochoska Haindlová, LL.M.

Mgr. Markéta Vochoska Haindlová, LL.M. Is the founder of Markéta Haindl Law Office. After studying at the Faculty of Law, Charles University (2009) and tho following completion of LL.M. programme on a university in Zurich (2010), she is dedicated to advocating since 2013.

She was elected the chairwoman of Appellate and inspection board of Bohemian-Moravian Football Federation (now the Football Association of the Czech Republic) and has been in that function since 2013. At the same time, she co-founded the Czech Association of Football Players in 2011, which she is chairwoman of since 2013. She also stood by the creation of the Czech Association of Hockey Players, which protects the players rights since 2013.

Markéta also acted as a member of the executive committee of the international association of hockey unions WAIPU and a chairwoman of the Law Committee of the European Minifootball Federation. The European Sports Law and Policy Bulletin and International and Comparative Sport Justice publication recommends Markéta Vochoska Haindlová as a specialist in the field of sport law in the Czech Republic.‍
Markéta also operates externally at the Faculty of Law, Charles University, where she gives lectures on the subject of Sport Law.