Profile – Martin Královič

  • Bc. Martin Královič FdA.MBA Lecturer

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He is a graduate of the Buckinghamshire New University in Great Britain, where he acquired a Foundation degree in Crowd safety and management. He is currently finishing Master’s degree (MSc.) at Coventry  University in Great Britain in the field of Crowded places and Public safety management. He teaches at the JAMU, field of Festival production.

He has been in the field of events and festivals for more than 15 years, he partook at the biggest slovakian festivals, such as Pohoda or Uprising. He owns the PS:Events event. agency and has engaged in long term in the fields of safety, soft targets protection and crowd safet management. He was responsible for safety of the Za slusne slovensko demonstration – the largest demonstration in Slovakia since 1989. He also partook in safety of Milion chvilek pro demokracii demonstrations on Letenská plain and Wenceslav square. He is employed at the Municipal Authority of Bratislava Capital as a mayor’s safety counsellor since October 2020.