Martina Sáblíková, speed skater

Lukáš Krpálek, judoka

Ondřej Synek, rower

Jiří Prskavec, slalom canoeist

Kateřina Novotná, speed skater

Kateřina Stočesová, entrepreneur

Ondřej Hutník, fighter

Petr Novák, speed skating trainer

Kateřina Kornová, actress

Tomáš Topinka, motorcycle racer

Jakub Podrazil, rower

Jitka Škarnitzlová, cyclist

Simona Necidová, football player

Jan Tománek, top-level handicapped athlete

Tomáš Knápek, judoka

Jakub Makovička, rower

Lukáš Helešic, rower

Marek Šindler, slalom canoeist

Stanislav Kozůbek, cyclist

Tereza Fišerová, slalom canoeist

Tereza Palová, field hockey player

Ondřej Cvikl, slalom canoeist

Andrea Zemanová, freestyle skier
Ondřej Štěpánek, canoeist
I chose Palestra because I would like to do sports in the future. I chose the Sports management study field. Gained knowledge in manager-economic, psychologic and biomedical fields will surely be of use in my future career. Due to the difficulties of top-level sports, I opted for the distance study.
Zora Jandová, tai-chi specialist
If you want, you can learn a lot of extra information on top of the compulsory studies at Palestra. It would be a shame not to use the knowledge gained on this college from the amazing and demanding pedagogues and waste the energy used for learning. That’s why I also study on the Constantine the Philosopher University in Nitra, where I’m doing the so-called great doctorate from marketing and mass-media communication. Without the quality education provided to me by Palestra, I could’t even dream of anything like that, believe me.
Daniel Landa, autocross, rallye
I started studying at Palestra because I wanted to gain more insight into the fields of psychology and physiology of sports. Some time ago, I began to work with professionals – top athletes – on a special programme for enhancing mental condition, so it’s good to know something about it. I’m enjoying the studies and the school accommodates for my work duties.
elholtova katedff
Karolína Elhotová, basketball
I chose the sport school Palestra because it was able to accommodate for my demanding basketball programme and because it is in the vicinity of my home.
Daniela Chlebnová, fitness step aerobics
My sister, a member of my racing team, also studied at Palestra and from her positive feedback of the school and thanks to my love for sports I couldn't have chosen differently.
Michal Vodárek, boxing
I chose the school mainly in order to make it to my trainings in time and also in order to expand my theoretical knowledge in the sports field.
Radek Gwuźdź, floorbal
I chose Palestra because I can’t imagine my life without sport and this college offers the knowledge, that will help with implementation in this sector.
Vojtěch Hruška, rugby
I chose Palestra because I live by sport and I enjoy it, so why not study it too.
Sandra Mašková, kickboxing
I decided to study at Palestra in order to broaden my horizons and increase my qualification in the field of coaching.