Department of Biomedical Subjects

The department provides education in biomedical subjects.
The students become acquainted with anatomy, physiology, physiology of physical activity, kinesiology, physical education medicine and they also gain knowledge of different types of massages within biomedical disciplines.

The content of subjects is connected to practice in such a way to contribute maximally to the profilation of graduates of the fields of study Sport and Fitness specialist and Sport and Leisure-time pedagogue.

Representation of biomedical subjects in the final state examination

Sports and Fitness specialist
Final state examination consists of examinations in Kinesiology, Physical education medicine nad physiology of physical activity.

Sports and Leisure-time pedagogue
Final state examination consists of examination in Health physical education.


prof. MUDr. Jakub Otáhal, Ph.D.


Mgr. Eva Nechlebová, Ph.D.


doc. MUDr. Staša Bartůňková, CSc.

PhDr. David Gerych

MUDr. Jozef Martinča

PhDr. Martina Muknšnáblová

Mgr. et Mgr. Renata Větrovská, Ph.D.

doc. MUDr. Miroslav Tichý, CSc.

MUDr. Lukáš Zlatohlávek