Admission Procedure - Master’s Study

The first round of admission procedures for the follow-up master’s study for the academic year 2022/2023 is open from 15th December, 2021 to 30th June, 2022.

The conditions of the admission procedure for the academic year 2022/2023 are regulated by the internal regulation Rector’s Decision no. 72.

The application for the study is submitted only electronically. You can find the application for the Master’s study here.

Applicants with special needs can find all the necessary information in the Handbook for students with SN or at the VŠTVS PALESTRA Help centre. The handbook is available in the Moggis information systém (Dashboard – documents – study department).


The entrance examinations for graduates of differently focused bachelor fields of study will také place in the form of an verbal motivational interview. The aim of the interview is not to examine the empirical knowledge of the applicant, but to determine the level of general knowledge about the given study field and the quality of communication abilities.

Interview dates:
Will be stated.

The applicant will be invited to the interview by the study department. A submitted and paid admission application form, see admission procedure fee, is required for the interview to happen.

The interview takes place in the school building.


In case of significant differences between the study plans of the previous bachelor’s study and the master’s study at Palestra, the students go to a 3-day long compensatory course. The course takes place within the lifelong education and allows the students to fill in the needed knowledge from basic thematic areas of the bachelor’s study field at College Palestra before the lessons begin. We offer study counselling during the first year of study at College Palestra on top that.

The price of the compensatory course is 3,000 CZK.



The following documents must be submitted within the admission procedure:

  • An officially certified copy of the diploma, and of the appendix of the diploma  from the bachelor’s study programme (Graduates of College Palestra electronically submit only their application form, the college diploma and it’s appendix are kept at Palestra)
  • Affidavit stating that the applicant is not and has not been prosecuted – a form

The documents must be delivered to the motivational interview. If the applicant cannot attend the interview (due to reasons stated above), he will send the documents by post or deliver them personally to the address VŠTVS PALESTRA, spol. s r.o., Slovačíkova 400/1, Prague 9 – Kbely no later than 30th June, 2022.



A fee of 500 CZK must be paid together with the application. The applicant is considered to be registered at the moment when the prescribed amount is registered in the Moggis information system, which is the main communication tool between the student and College Palestra.

Payment details for the payment of the admission procedure fee:

Bank: Česká spořitelna a.s., Olbrachtova 1929/62, 140 00 Prague 4
Account number: 3 309 309 309/0800
Variable symbol:         Identification number (ID)
from the Moggis information system that will be assigned to you
on the basis of the submitted electronic application for study
Account holder:  Vysoká škola tělesné výchovy a sportu PALESTRA spol. s r. o., Slovačíkova 400/1, 197 00 Prague 9
IBAN: CZ62 0800 0000 0033 0930 9309



The decision on admission to study will be delivered to each applicant electronically via the Moggis information system within 30 days of payment of the 500 CZK fee for the admission procedure / the motivational interview.

You can log in to the Moggis information system as follows:

  • username – ID (nine-digit number assigned by the system after submitting the application)
  • password – birth number including slash.

An applicant who has been accepted to the study program will receive a draft contract on securing studies at Palestra and information on the date of signing the contract and the date of enrolment in the study with the decision on admission.

Study department contacts


Alena Kuchinková Nováková:, tel:  212 277 725, 731 411 370



Dana Staňková:, 212 277 726, 731 411 370.