Professional Profile – Hana Bubníková

  • Mgr. Hana BubníkováDepartment of Sports and Nature Stays
  • Training School

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  • college pedagogue

Mgr. Hana Bubníková graduated from Masaryk University in Brno, Faculty of Education and Faculty of Sports Studies in biology and physical education.

After graduating, she worked at the Faculty of Sports Studies as an assistant professor – subjects of fitness, fitness training and other related subjects.

She began her doctoral studies at Masaryk University.

Outside MU, she actively worked in the field of fitness teacher and trainer (spinning, HEAT, all kinds of aerobics, dance lessons – Zumba, strength classes as the first teacher used TRX and Bosu aids. Body and mind trainer – pilates, yoga, core and balance aids, etc. .).

She helped sports clubs and associations as a teacher and trainer. One of the first clubs where she worked was Baník Ostrava, Zbrojovka Brno, Kometa Brno.

Above all, she is associated with the Ice Hockey Association, where she lectured and was a fitness coach of the (not only) national team – eg team A men hockey, national team 20 junior hockey, national team A women hockey and youth, but also in other hockey, football clubs for adults i, youth. In addition, she worked in basketball, volleyball, tennis, modern gymnastics, but also in motorcycle sports (MOTO 3 and motocross) and archery.

She also participated in the training of trainers for licenses B and A.

She completed the physiotherapeutic course Redcord, DNS by Pavel Kolář and the physiotherapy course Neurac – Redcord – a program with physiotherapeutic treatment.

She combines all knowledge with the physiology of exercise and passes it on to students and coaches. With other experts, she wrote publications related to core training, balance aids and other topics related to fitness training.