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  • Mgr. Ondřej Špaček

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He studied at the Faculty of Science, Charles University, field of study social geography and demography.

He entered the world of sport and sport events professionally almost 30 years ago with the organization of various sport and leisure-time events and development programmes. Ondřej now engages in the preparation of strategic and analytic-synthetic documents in the field of sport, regional development, tourism and free-time activities. He has been dedicated to this activity for 14 years, and in this time period, he processed more than 300 projects. His knowledge was used in, for example, the preparation of complex strategic documents focused on sport development in Czechia and Slovakia. One of the main fields of professional interests for Ondřej are impact analysis of sport and sport events for which he created his own methods for identification and calculation of multiplication effects and the resulting contributions, primarily for the public sector.

Author of the complex analysis of sport contributions into public budgets in Czechia or the analysis of positive effects resulting from organizing sport events in Czechia.

He cooperates with the National Sport Agency, the Czech Olympic Committee and other sport associations and organizations.