Sports and Fitness Specialist with a Focus on Fitness

As part of the study program  Sports and Fitness Specialist with a Focus on Fitness, students will acquire comprehensive knowledge and skills that will enable them to prepare and implement exercise programs, especially in increasing personal sports performance, preventive health and reconditioning.

Within the professional practice, students will get acquainted with the specifics of working with clients and opportunities in the implementation of physical activities, gain the ability to lead sports activities at different levels of performance in different types of physical education, sports and social facilities and can use their performance in selected sports.

Student can gain not only basic knowledge for managing the training process in selected sport disciplines by choosing this specialization in combination with optional subjects within the study process after fulfilling given conditions, but also numerous certificates – e.g. Fitness-centre Instructor, Instructor of School Skiing, Instructor of health PE, Sport and Re-conditioning Masseur, Instructor of School Snowboarding.


A graduate of the study program Sports and Fitness Specialist with a specialization in fitness has an overview of all the benefits of physical activity, including somatic, psychological and sociological and is able to design exercise programs for the entire spectrum of clients. The graduate will find employment in physical education units, sports clubs, sports associations, regeneration centres, fitness centres, manufacturing and non-manufacturing companies, tourism, the army and the police, as a professional consultant in the field of health prevention in various institutions focusing on sports activity or as an educator in extracurricular physical education.

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