Sports and Fitness Specialist with a Focus on Leisure Time

Within the study program Sports and Fitness Specialist with a Focus on Leisure Time (formerly Sports and leisure pedagogue) students master the pedagogical and psychological principles necessary to understand individual and group peculiarities of behaviour and activities of children, youth and adults, including seniors ; and their use in preparation and implementation hobby activities in the field of movement, art and dramatization activities. The definition of goals is based on the assumption that the profession of future graduates will have a significant activity character. Theoretical knowledge is primarily a starting point for the acquisition and deepening of desirable professional skills and attitudes, which students consolidate in parallel practice. The study develops social skills necessary for working with minority groups and disadvantaged individuals.

In professional practice, students will gain enough opportunities to independently design and implement leisure activities for clients of different ages and individual specific peculiarities, taking into account gender, health, social and ethnic classification and to get acquainted with the real conditions in which their future profession will be implemented; with a variety of practical situations that they will have to deal with in their profession after graduating.

Student can gain certificates after fulfilling given conditions by choosing this specialization in combination with optional subjects within the study process – e.g.  Instructor of School Skiing, Health PE Instructor, Sport and Re-conditioning Masseur.

Students with this specialization can also sign up for the accredited programme Pedagogy (within lifelong education DVPP) and gain a Pedagogy certificate.


A graduate of the study program Sports and Fitness Specialist with a specialization in leisure time can find adequate leisure activities for a selected group of candidates and individuals with regard to the characteristics of the target group, provide them with professional consultation, but can also design, implement, organize and evaluate the activities course.

The broad focus of the study content will enable graduates to be employed in various institutions directly or indirectly related to leisure time and its quality fulfilment. Graduates have the opportunity to work as professionals in  the House of children and youth , stations of young tourists or technicians, in school clubs, school hobby clubs, in Children’s institutes, Youth institutes, in cultural and educational institutions for adults, in international exchange events for young people, in summer camps for children and recreational facilities for adults, in schools near hospitals, as professionals providing leisure activities in kindergartens, charities, social care institutions, humanitarian facilities for immigrants, in social organizations, in touristic facilities, in spa centres or as consultants in unions and departments dealing with issues of leisure time, culture and physical education at the level of state and municipal administration.

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