Sports and Fitness Specialist with a Focus on Wellness

As part of the study program Sports and Fitness Specialist with a Focus on Wellness, students will acquire comprehensive knowledge and skills that will enable them to prepare and implement exercise programs in preventive health and reconditioning and in forming positive attitudes to their own physical and mental health. The meaning of the word wellness is a state of optimal balance, well-being and satisfaction and good health. In English, often expressed as “BODY / MIND / SPIRIT balance” – the optimal state induced by the cooperation of body, mind and spirit. The category of services helping to achieve wellness also includes a combination of regenerative, preventive and relaxing procedures.

Student can gain numerous certificates after fulfilling given conditions by choosing this specialization in combination with optional subjects within the study process – e.g. Fitness-centre Instructor, Instructor of School Skiing, Instructor of health PE, Sport and Re-conditioning Masseur, Instructor of School Snowboarding.


A graduate of the Sports and Fitness Specialist study program specializing in Wellness is able to apply Wellness programs for various age categories or health restrictions. He/she can work with modern diagnostic devices, thanks to which can analyse specific trouble of the client. The graduate of the wellness specialization is able to prepare a nutritional, drinking and exercise regime for the proposed Wellness programs with regard to the client’s needs. It can be used on the labour market in fitness centres, in the provision of hotel services, in private practice, in health care facilities, in massages and rehabilitation centres or club centres.

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